Some things strike me as great writing. Scott Holleran’s “Ogle, Scream or Overcome”, is an example. (Here.)

He’s rather wide ranging in this piece and ties it together even though the story of America is being written everyday.

Holleran also wrote two other pieces recently. “Interview: Thomas Doherty in Defense of the Infidel” and “Interview: Brett Goldsmith on ‘Hotel Sessions’ by Olivia Newton-John that strike me as brilliant writings.

America has changed for the worse. Years ago it was obvious that the protection of the Individual and the protection of Individual Rights had declined in favor of more group rights. Being a member of certain groups was becoming better for those groups but worse for many other groups.

The Supreme Court’s decision in Brown v Board of Education marked a sharp change in America. The idea that a culture could be changed by forcing the people to bus their children out of their neighborhoods to better neighborhoods seems like a good idea until the other side of the story is told. Children were bussed out of their safe neighborhoods into dangerous neighborhoods and it’s hasn’t stopped there.

Diversity is being used to de-Americanize America from a culture of assimilation and inclusion to a series of favored and less favored races, religions, genders and national origins.

Diversity means a big payday for some people who don’t deserve it but the flipside is mostly invisible. The flipside is the lesser lives of millions who are forced to pay so that hundreds of  favored can benefit. Part of the flipside is the absolute wrongness of things like the mis-treatment of Condoleezza Rice by Rutgers University.

Quoting Winston Churchill; “This is nonsense up with which I will not put.” Sadly, it is nonsense and millions must put up with it. .

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