A small group of citizens who just don’t get all the gun rights stuff decided to demonstrate State Rep. Frank Farry’s office in the name of something that doesn’t exist, gun safety.

Guns can be lethal, therefore they should be considered dangerous at all times. There is no such thing as a “Safe” gun.

To demonstrate for “Gun Safety” is like demonstrating for jail freedom. 

But some group called Bucks Coalition For Gun Safety was confronted by gun owners when they arrived in front of Representative Frank Farry’s Langhorne office. Nothing happened.

Both groups were peaceful people. They wanted to make a point that people shouldn’t have guns but that’s another impossibility. Some of us want guns.

Many of us want guns for personal protection. America was set up to protect people who want to own guns.

Some people are simply afraid of guns. Other’s feel safer with a gun for protection.

Guns are regulated by the federal government. The State of PA cannot regulate firearms. The thought that a State Representative can make laws to restrict guns would require a Constitutional Amendment. That’s been tried and it will always fail because most people feel safer with a gun than without one.

Representative Farry was baffled by the purpose of the group but he noted that they knew he would be  hundreds of miles away during their demonstration. Tricky People, these anti-Second Amendment types.  

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