Here’s the most important fact about President Obama. We are stuck with him until 2016.

America needs the Republicans to control of both chambers of Congress to limit the damage the President has done to the country.

Senator Ted Cruz just issued a list of 76 “Lawless Actions” President Obama ordered which violate the Constitution..

This is a big, big deal. If true, and it seems to be true, President Obama may have “crossed the Rubicon” and the only solution may be impeachment proceedings.

Impeachment requires violations of law that are “High Crimes”. Constitutional Violations would seem to qualify and if so, Ted Cruz’s List would be sufficient.

What a tragedy in the making. Too bad for America that this is happening.

Can the President walk back the lawlessness. No. It’s taken place. A crime cannot be taken back. Can the President reform his actions going foreword? Not much chance, given his personality. 




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