The Washington Post reports more people are dying than are being born. That means the human race will soon disappear.

The report however was about businesses. More businesses are closing than are being opened. That means businesses will soon disappear.

See the report Here.

They don’t seem to know why but the biggest expense in business is compliance with government regulations and higher fees and taxes.

Having a lot of experience in domestic and International markets, businesses leave America because the costs of government become too high. Even though businesses have competent and able workers and managers the overhead demanded by government increases their costs and shove a company into bankruptcy. Government doesn’t care; government doesn’t learn and government won’t listen.

Why should government care?  The future of governments is in more government, not less so government doesn’t care about the businesses that fail as long as there are other businesses that can pay government.

Why should government learn a new way to regulate businesses? The present system works great. Government simply writes the laws and businesses either obey of be punished.

Why should government listen? They would only get complaints and they don’t like to hear complaints. They just want more money. Illicit money is what government is about.

Government doesn’t want people to succeed. It want’s people to obey.

So businesses fail and close. Business people refuse to try and try again so more businesses fail than start. That’s what the Washington Times wrote about.

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