The May 25, 2011 Supervisor meeting showed the shakedown proceedure used to extort $10,000 from a businessman who submitted to the Boards of Inquisition called the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors to get the three supervisors DKS (for Deon, Komelasky and Silver) to approve the plans for his new building in Richboro. A similiar story was told to our investigators by a different businessman also seeking an approval from the Board of Supervisors. He had to “donate” $30,000 to get his plans approved. Last year your correspondent witnessed Kahuna Komelasky explain to the public that he tried to get $1,500 from a citizen who wanted to replace his house with a similiar but newer house. K was disapointed he could not find a good reason to extort the $1,500 so the citizens plans were approved without extortion.

Whast the hell is wrong with these people?

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