The Associated Press continues to praise President Obama during and after his political misadventures. His lack of, what do we call it, courage? may not be his worst attribute but it’s one of the most serious because it involves the safety of every person on the planet. Perhaps Obama is intellectually lazy. Maybe he’s not qualified for confrontation with other world leaders, specifically Vladimir Putin who just took the Crimea and is poised to take major parts of Ukraine.

Russian Poet Pushkin may have hit it on the head so far as President Obama. He wrote:

Tsar Nikita once reigned widely,

Richly, merrily, and idly,

Did no good or evil thing:

So his realm was flourishing.

He kept clear of toil and bother,

Ate and drank and praised our Father.

So far so good so far as Obama is concerned. “Kept clear of toil and bother” is not an attribute from someone who is supposed to be a leader of America and by extension everyone.

What about: “Did no good nor evil thing” seems to best describe Obama except he has done some really evil things. OTOH some actually praise Obama for some of the evil he has conjured up.

Recall the “Red Line” in Syria. Never enforced it. How about banning Coal? Did it and caused gasoline to go up in price.  Check Back, more coming.

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