It’s part of Article I, Section 8, Clause 17 of The Constitution.

Clause 17  shows the Federal Government was not instituted to acquire land. Congress is forbidden from everything unless it has permission to do something and the permission must be explicit. Congress wasn’t given permission to get land except for the defined uses in Clause 1-1-17. 

So why does the Federal Government own so much land?

It cheats.

Its supposed to follow the rules but it often breaks them.

Also, the environmentalists don’t like private property so they favor and encourage the federal government and the local government’s to buy and keep out of commerce as much land as possible. It’s also the strategy of the United Nations Agenda 21 and it’s in your city, town or village. Need more proof government is acting outside the law? Google things like “How much land does the federal government own” and see for yourself.

But government in total owns far more land than the 30% or 39% owned by the Federal government. Each state, that is every one  of the 50 states also has State Land, land which is out of the stream of commerce. Also, every municipality in America owns land. So does every school district, every Park and Recreation department, every fire company, every police unit, every garage in which government equipment is repaired, stored or parked and every Municipal Authority that operates inside each municipality.

If the Federal Government owns 38% of the land and the rest of the government’s own say 20%, that’s 58%. It means the people must exist on only about 42% of the land.

The government’s of America are the greatest threat to commerce because they have taken so much land out of commerce. They are the greatest threat to property rights because they simply removed 58% of the properties.

This isn’t going to end nice, is it?


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