Government is far more powerful than is necessary for a culture to exist, to survive and to thrive. Cliven Bundy is standing, almost alone and very vulnerable to losing more of his freedom, money, time and his life is in danger from the Bureau Of Land Management.

Will Bundy prevail against Government? Probably not. Too many Leftists in the culture to give him the odds of getting out of what appears to be so much over-reach but if Bundy finally receives Justice, America is probably the only culture where he has at least some chance of escaping with a correct verdict.

How Much Land Does the Government Need? One answer is the amount they need is related to the amount they have the power to obtain. That probably is the amount approved in the Federal Constitution. How much is approved in the Constitution? The answer is not given by an amount. rather it is unlimited in amount but the amount is held in check by the description of what the land is supposed to be used for.

Only America.


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