The Courier printed a guest opinion from Naughton that detailed her political ideas. She will have no problem keeping her day job. She’s identical to Nancy Pelosi but Naughton is running against a political giant in a swing district where voters have superb analytical powers. They spot invalid arguments and vote against them. Naughton has a lot of wrong premises that underlie her plans if she’s elected.

Same for Kevin Strouse.

These are the best candidates the Democrats have and if the contest were between only them the decision of voters would be far less important but the winner want’s to challenge Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick who is the progenitor of another Kennedy like political dynasty. Mike is hugely popular, well educated, and has a big family. He has become the face of Bucks County in the U.S. Congress.

Mike is being encouraged to visit the western barrier to Russia’s expansion. Three cities are under threat. Sevastopol has fallen without opposition. Congressman Fitzpatrick should visit the next three cities that are under the threat of Vladimir Putin and his Russian military, Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius to provide assurance of America’s unwavering support against the totalitarian bandit, Putin. Neither Strouse nor Naughton have the prestige to do that.  

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