Just cooked, (re-heated an already cooked) ham that received raves for juicy from the 22 member family gathering.

Steam Cooking makes the ham juicer than an oven because the heat in an oven is in the air. The heat in a pressure cooker is in the moist steam which being under pressure will be much hotter than steam in the air in the kitchen. The steam temperature in a pressure cooker depends on the pressure. Higher pressure – higher temperature. At 15 pounds of pressure the water is still water at 250 degrees.  

Cook a ham in a pressure cooker but you need a big one pressure cooker. All-American Aluminum makes a great 21 quart size which will cook a 10 pound ham in about 45 minutes at 15 pounds pressure. It’s about $248 bucks on ebay but a rare find at Impact for $50 bucks. After the Ham Experience, it’s worth $250 bucks.

Baking a ham dries it out. It takes about 15 minutes per pound to bake a ham and about 5 minutes a pound to pressure cook it and it will have loads of succulent juicy juice.

We were in a hurry so the hot pressure cooker was loaded into the trunk, well-protected so it couldn’t move around and that saved the time for the pressure to return to zero.

Juicy. It was juicy. Best way ever to cook a ham.

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