The myth that the State Run stores are so profitable leads to the question: “Why didn’t Governor Ed Rendell adopt that system when he approved Casino’s?”
Of course the answer is that government is not efficient by it’s very nature. It doesn’t have to be efficient and it’s not efficient so the current set of arguments that the PA State Stores are profitable are false. They engage in double counting and not counting all the expenses. the Pension Bomb is one example of unfunded Liabilities. Businesses must include all expenses in Financial Statements, the LCB does not have to do that and it doesn’t do that.

The very idea that Pennsylvania should engage in commerce is ridiculous on it’s face. Any proposal that PA should, for example, close all car dealers and replace them with state run exchanges must fly in the face of reason and logic. Same for the grocery business which survives despite government regulations that make it less efficient. Same for Health Insurance. Same for Medicine. The forgoing ideas show the fallacy of the goodness of Obamacare.

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