•  “Some presidents take their foreign policy from the idealism of Woodrow Wilson, some from the realism of Henry Kissinger. This is foreign policy  from Monty Python ”George Will on “Special Report with Bret Baier.”

This is painful. Obama, Kerry and Biden: – Three wimps. None have much knowledge about Foreign Affairs. Obama did visit a few Arab and Muslim countries but the three fail to grasp Putin, Ukraine or Russia. Neither Obama nor Kerry have grasped the essence of America either.

These “Three Mousekateers of Foreign Policy” plus Hillary  helped Obama make sure Putin knew he had no worries if he continued to take Eastern and Southern Ukraine. Hillary followed Obama’s lead and made America weaker in the eyes of the world. Obama acts like America should be afraid of Putin, which is nonsense.

Putin should fear America.  He should at least respect America and if a strong American or even a moral Internationalist were in charge of America Putin would not have taken The Crimea. The Soviet Union feared Ronald Reagan. This administration needs to learn some American History.

The record is clear. Obama doesn’t respect America. Neither does Putin. What a lousy time for the entire free world.



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