Michelle Malkin used the occasion to criticize the American Immigration system which is being used by the Liberal, Progressive Left to support and continue it’s genocidal plans.

What are they, you ask? Well that’s for another time. At the moment you can read Michelle’s column which mentions the status of the American Executive Branch’s  encouragement to foreigners, mostly who are not Europeans because of the success of the Democrats 1964 Immigration Act to take advantage of the American Welfare System. HERE.

The Left is using the occasion to prove how wonderful the American Lack of  Enforcement of the Immigration Laws is a major benefit to, in the case of Anti Zeituni 61 year life immigrants who are granted asylum because of their relatives, one of whom lives in the White House, (bit of irony there), but refused to support her during her illegal stay in Section 8 housing at the Boston Housing Authority. Here.  and Here.

It’s unfortunate that her nephew, President Obama permitted the American Taxpayers to support his Auntie Zeituni but that’s part of his mind-set as a community organizer, right? -to get other Americans to pay for his favorite people. Unequal Equality is a cause championed by Liberals. Auntie Zeituni is a symbol of the genocidal battle facing some Americans.   


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