The murders are a disgrace.

Such conduct doesn’t belong anywhere in any culture and I hope the story lines don’t bleed over to gun violence or mentally challenged people or other nonsense. The focus has to be kept on the murders and the Jewish victims. Every deviation from the central issue should be brought back into a sharp focus on the anti-Semitism and the connections with the lack of condemnation for the enemies of Israel including the easy white-washing of the hatred of the Arab world for Jewish people and for their constant, unopposed by the Liberal, Progressive Multi-Culti Press that becomes complicit by inaction.

The reaction of Hillary to the deaths caused by the hatred in the Mid-east, Arab world and her indifference to it as shown by her callous comment: “what difference at this point does it make?” Well Kansas is part of the answer to her. 

It makes a big difference when hate is not challenged. Unchallenged is little different from allowing hate to exist. Hate needs to be confronted and challenged. Part of the blame for Overland Park is the studied indifference of the Media, The nonsense of the Left wing idea that all cultures have value. they don’t when they stand for evil values. Our strength is our courage to confront hate. To oppose the hatred of Israel and of the Jewish people must be supported. Hate must be condemned and the murders at Overland Park need to be condemned because they were based on hatred of Jewish people. Hate must never be allowed to stand. It must be opposed in the clearest and the most harsh condemnation of every Liberals who fails to condemn it.  


Condolences to all.

Bill O’Neill

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