President Putin would not have gone to war over the Crimea but he was almost certain he wouldn’t have to because of the weakness shown by President Obama.

The American people would not have supported President Obama if he had made a military response to over the Crimea.

But the American President is OK with Putin’s land grab. Obama has been working a succeeding at making America less important in the world while President Putin is making Russia more important.

Obama had no power to influence or determine the events in Crimea. If he had sent the military he would have been reckless.

All Obama can do is offer goodwill and provisional support to Ukraine. So far he hasn’t done either. To support Ukraine Obama would have had to condemn and pubish Putin but Obama clearly is not broken up over Crimea. He should be. He should be upset about a lot of the wars and attacks going on in Africa too.

Obama has no desire to promote Russian bellicosity but  he in not as disturbed about it as he should be. Obama is more concerned about electing and re-electing Left wing Progressive Democrats in America.

The scope and nature of the Crimean land grab by Putin depended on events outside Obama’s control. Outside because he refuses to focus on them.

Obama’s lukewarm responses to Russia’s land grab will extend to letting Putin and Russia grab Eastern and probably Southern Ukraine.

Those are immense wrongs but no one seems to care enough about it to substantively act.

Putin seems to have won this round but his power will not last forever and there are many days in the future in which to deal with him.

Putin better enjoy his new found power. Soon his actions will reap negative consequences.

Unfortunately that will involve many innocent people but that’s no different than what happened to the innocent minorities who were pushed aside in Crimea.

Putin offended the conscience of the world.

Sooner or later he will collect his punishment.  

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