Theodore Roosevelt said: “First we need to make the world safe for ourselves.” John Bolton told CPAC that out biggest national security crisis is Barack Obama. HERE.  Obama believes in Multilateralism, not American Exceptionalism. President Obama does not believe in America. His indifference about America does not protect America. Ignoring threats to national security is Obama’s policy. America is not going to get peace through weakness. Russia is re-establishing itself in Venezuela, Cuba, China, Iran,  and Russia. those are anti-American and are credible threats to America. Terrorism and the threat of nuclear proliferation go together. If Iran gets nuclear weapons that will collapse the international financial markets and may wipe out Israel.

Libya, Sept 11, 2011 was a direct attack on America. The presidents personal representative and the murder of Ambassador Stevens was viewed as the murder of Barack Obama. A weak, indecisive and apologetic President who is no friend of Liberty. Not one of the 9/11/2011 attackers have been caught . Hillary says: “What difference does it make?” Hillary is wrong.

How will history remember President Obama? One who timidly supported Liberty or as a President who violated the Constitution? He is an alarming threat to Liberty. He has set the precedent for lawlessness. Any government unrestrained by law becomes a tyranny. Using a pen and a phone without respect for the laws will not stand. It’s a destruction of the checks and balances that could have restrained his unchecked use of power.

We cannot achieve prosperity without freedom. America’s greatness will eventually stand against the failed un-American policies of Barack Obama. Americans need to stand for Liberty.    

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