The results of numerous visits are clear. Maninno’s Stars are Shining. The Mussels are the best and on Wednesday’s even better because of the special price. But Maninno’s doesn’t skimp on the specials, they add even more.

This is a special Italian restaurant run by a Sicilian Connection. No, nothing nefarious, just a direct link from Sicily to Bucks. The stuffed Portobello with lots of blended crabmeat is a perfect starter. It’s not always on the menu so keep going back until it appears. It’s that good.

It’s BYOB so the value is there. It’s Italian of course so the stronger reds will always work. If you bring white, make if a Chardonnay that has some depth.

Nothing on the menu disappoints. The specials change nightly but not in a rambunctious way. The specials are only marked down in price. Expect up-market work and you will still be surprised. It’s that good.

The best kept secret in Bucks is Maninno’s home made cannoli’s. There are loads of special cannoli’s in Bucks and in South Philly but Maninno’s goes them all one better with a perfect blend of their special home made batter plus their great blended cream sauce. This is nirvana.

Where is the restaurant? That’s another well kept secret. 🙂

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