Someone or some group stole over 200 of my homade “ELECT BILL O’NEILL” signs including two large, four foot by four foot DUMP DEON signs. I reported it to the police but compared to other crimes, the theft of my 200 campaign signs is a low priority. The thefts, probably by some Dark Energy people, some confused insiders with dark souls who will lie, cheat and steal, to keep me from winning the Supervisor race. The best way for me to respond is to make and put up more signs; try to influence people to vote for me and to work harder than ever to win this campaign. You can help by voting for me on Tuesday, May 17th. Find button 19A. It’s in the first column of candidates which is the second column on the ballot. The numbers are not in order so button 19A is I think, the eleventh button down from the top. Button numbers are purposely made very small to avoid outsiders from trying to tell people to look for and find the ridiculously small, grey printed 19A. The dyed in the wool, hardcore polticians will do almost anything to win. Cheating is so second nature to them that they will lower themselves to stealing small Elect Bill O’Neill signs. Dark energy moves through their being and corrodes their values. Vote for Bill O’Neill, push button 19A. Thanx.  

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