The job of community organizer Barack Obama was to divide people so his clients could enjoy special treatment. His grievance-mongering mentors included Harvard Law Professor Derrick Bell, a smart man, who promoted himself in the pathetic role of someone whose goal was — in his own words — to “annoy white people.” (Thomas Sowell)

Obama embraced Reverend Jeremiah Wright, who married the Obama’s and railed against America by repeatedly preaching “God Damn America”. Stanley Ann Dunham, Obama’s mother, disowned America and raised him to disrespect and annoy the United States. His father fought against England. His maternal grandparents introduced him to another mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, a gifted Communist orator and teacher.

No surprise that Obama returneded the gift from England, a bust of Winston Churchill that Great Britain gave to President Bush. Raised in a toxic atmosphere of disrespect for America and Great Britain,  It explains the tasteless gifts and disrespectful treatment of the Queen of England and Pope Francis, being a music CD and packages of seeds. It explains: “tell Vladimer that after my election I will have more flexibility which we can surmise is why President Obama did nothing substantive to help Ukraine when Putin annexed Crimea.

These are the types of people against whom the American colonies declared their Independence. These are people who rule by organizing communities to do what they want. Obama taught Putin to sponsor a Potemkin election to “legitimize” the theft of the Crimea. These kinds of people are why the American Constitution made it difficult for a dictator to control America. They never thought a dictator would be a Hawaiian born American.   



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