Seeds? Is he kidding? Seeds are a good gift from America’s president to the Pope? Is he kidding?

Austerity is one thing but not only did he give seeds, – he didn’t even buy the seeds. Obama gave the Pope seeds from the plants in his vegetable garden behind the White House.  What a cheap gift to give a Pope.

Where is the Pope going to plant the seeds? the Vatican is paved with granite blocks and marble floors.  Seeds need dirt, not stones. Plants don’t grow in stones. Plants need dirt, not stones. How dumb is the President’s gift when the Pope can’t use it. Besides, why would he waste time growing seeds. He can just buy the tomatoes and lettuce. He’s got more money and treasure in the Vatican than almost anywhere so why would he waste his time farming when he’s rich?

But that’s the point, right? Obama wanted to insult the Pope to appeal to his Left Wing voters who aren’t Catholic. maybe Obama doesn’t want him to visit the states because the Pope will upstage the President and Obama likes to be the biggest dog in the room so he got the Pope mad with a lousy gift. Maybe Obama’s lousy gift is part of his plan to destroy America. He’s so clever, right? Maybe Vice President Biden thought up the insult. He’s not as smart as Obama so maybe he’s the guy who figured out how to insult the Pope to get him mad enough to to retaliate against Obama and Biden for insulting him with some seeds.

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