Russia sends lots of natural gas and oil to Europe by pipelines that run thru Ukraine. Ukraine can simply shut down some of them and threaten to shut down even more until Putin returns Crimea to Ukraine.

Mexico, America and Brazil can send energy by the boatload to Ukraine and Europe. Spring’s coming. Europe doesn’t need nearly as much energy for heating. They can heat with wood to make up for some of Putin’s Crimea Grab. Ukraine can get energy from Poland, Bylorussia and Europe for the short term. America has five times more oil reserves than Saudi. But even Saudi can send energy to Ukraine.

America, Saudi, Mexico, Brazil, Europe, (ASMBE). How can Putin compete? He can’t.

In addition, ASMBE can steal Russia’s customers and sell energy to all of the Commonwealth of Independent States * and deprive Russia of needed foreign sales of energy.  

* The CIS Countries are: Republic of Belarus,  Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan, Georgia and of course Russia.

Stealing customers by offering a better deal is so America. America loves and thrives on competition. Ronald Reagan outspent the former Soviet Union and America can do it again until Putin returns Crimea.

Let’s Go Ukraine !!

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