In a stunningly ignorant comment, Justice Sotomayor told Hobby Lobby attorney that Hobby Lobby “would (could) pay $2,000 per employee and stop providing them with healthcare insurance”. (HERE). That’s begging the question because then every employee with a religious objection would have to pay for contraception and abortions which is the essence of the argument against Government Run Health Care and Health Care Insurance by Hobby Lobby.  The religious freedom guarantee is trashed by Obamacare but religious freedom is supposed to be protected by the President and the Supreme Court. That’s no longer being protected. It can’t be protected so long as Obamacare provides contraception and abortions.  

Obamacare (and the reviews by the Supreme Court) is simple dictatorship masquerading as due process. Justices Sotomayor and Kagan are bound by oath to protect “The Constitution” perhaps they think that means they have to protect the document but not the people which is what they are doing. “Nuts” to them.

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