So what! is the feeling around Barack Obama these days as he fiddles in Brussels along with the other pusillanimous leaders of the mites of the world. Putin is not much despite the fact that he is in charge of a large nuclear armed military and a nation, Russia that covers 13 time zones, which shows how little the leaders of the rest of the world are as they show each other how weak the other world leadersĀ are as they gather at their all expenses paid meeting in BrusselsĀ to stand in front of news camera’s, recite empty slogans and play golf.

They’re not angry or upset as much as they are worried about their political and historic futures. How feckless and irresponsible they are when a tin horn like Putin steals Crimea from Ukraine. What good is the United Nations? What good is the European Union?

Why not announce another election in Crimea to let the Crimean’s decide if they would like to be citizens of America?

Unfortunately, with President Obama in charge, Crimea would have to join Obamacare if they voted to join America. That’s Vladimir Putin’s Secret Weapon against the rest of the world. Obamacare and Obama. Dangerous for America and dangerous for freedom loving people. Oh well.

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