We can’t hang the loss of Crimea on President Obama. He was bested by a dysfunctional tyrant, Vlad Putin, who doesn’t follow the rules. Blaming Obama is like blaming the woman for the rape. Putin sent in Geneva Convention Violating Military; organized a fig-leaf election; grabbed Crimea and many Ukrainian government assets that were paid for by the citizens of the rest of Ukraine.  No one stepped in to try to stop him and to their shame, no one will.

Ukrainians in Crimea (who will suffer under Putin) are, unfortunately and shamefully,  abandoned by the United Nations of the World especially by the shocked leaders of America and Europe.

Losing Crimea to Russia is not the fault of Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, David Cameron or Francois Hollande. Vladimir Putin invaded Crimea and took it over like a typical dictator. He’s the perp. Anyone who wants to take it back has the moral authority to invade, remove Putin’s military and return Crimea to Ukraine. Anything less or anything else is nonsense. Sanctions? The only meaningful sanction is: “TAKE IT BACK!”. Otherwise Putin could take Bucks County away from America just by invading it with unmarked military and holding an election. Bye-Bye Bucks because who’s going to stand up to Putin? So far no one.

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