The Vatican’s chief justice feels that President Barack Obama’s policies have been hostile toward Christians. “In a democracy, such a lack of awareness is deadly,” Cardinal Raymond Burke told Polonia magazine. “It leads to the loss of the freedom which a democratic government exists to protect”.

That’s as grievous a charge as can be made against an American where Liberty has been elevated to the highest possible place in the pantheon of Moral Values. That an American President has attracted the attention and analysis of the Vatican’s Chief Justice shows how far Obama has blundered because the church is an authoritarian institution which would overlook mere coercion. They engage in it themselves. Obama ruined his reputation with Catholics for whom a Cardinal is a proper moral judge of his character.

The Democratic Party has long been the favorite of the Vatican. Many doctrines such as self-sacrifice for the good of society are bedrock principles for Socialists, Liberation Theologists and Roman Rite Catholics.

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