He threw his military medals on the ground to protest against America. President Obama revealed his anti-military shrewdness by opposing the West in the Crimea. Putin grabbed Crimea. Obama banned eleven Russians from America. Is Obama the Commander in Chief or the Commander of the Meek?

Appointing John Kerry, the most anti-military Senator in America as the Secretary of State sent a clear message to Putin to do whatever he wanted to do. Putin grabbed a jewel, the Crimea. Weakness has it’s costs.

President Obama dislikes and distrusts the American military so much he ordered war criminals captured on the battlefield fighting against American Military to be taken from the military and put into Eric Holders civilian Department of Justice and tried in civilian courts

With Obama in charge everyone knew the United States would refuse to protect people with the U.S. military.  Of course Obama is supported by the Democrats, by the feckless U.S. Congress, by the anti-Militia American civilians who are trying to disarm the militia’s, militias that are in turn protected from disarmament by the Constitution as well as the Second Amendment, Liberals, Progressives and Left Wing media types, none of whom grasp the danger into which they put themselves by going along with the power of the flowers to protect America, the West and Liberty.

President Putin knows the weakness of Europe and the Obama Administration as well as the weakness of the American Left when it comes to self-defense. They oppose it. In their opposition they lost Crimea to Russia. What’s next? Ask Putin. He can take just about any country or culture and both Obama and Kerry will bow down to him, support his imperialism and applaud him.

Obama just cheated the West of yet another victory. He should resign.


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