Dr. Charles Krauthammer argues why President Obama needs to toughen up in his faceoff with Russian President Vladimir Putin over Ukraine. From ‘A Catered Invasion: “Why did we deny Ukraine weapons?’ Because in the Barack Obama-John Kerry worldview, arming the victim might be taken as a provocation. This kind of mind-bending illogic has marked the administration’s response to the whole Crimea affair. Why, after all, did Obama delay responding to Putin’s infiltration, military occupation and seizure of Crimea in the first place? In order to provide Putin with a path to de-escalation, ‘an offramp,’ the preferred White House phrase… What’s our excuse? We import no Russian gas and have minimal trade with that Russia. Yet our president appears strangely disengaged. The post-Cold War order of Europe has been brazenly violated – and Obama is nowhere to be seen… As we speak, Putin is deciding whether to go beyond Crimea and take eastern Ukraine. Show him some seriousness, Mr. President.”

To which we add: Show some seriousness to someone, Mr. President.

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