Lithuania has a long, bloody relationship with Russia. It’s in danger of a Russian takeover again as the three worst American diplomats ever, Obama, Biden and Kerry “are deeply concerned” which is what VP Biden said to Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite and Latvian President Andris Berzins yesterday, March 19, 2014.   

Obama lost to Putin in South Ossetia, (2008), Poland and Czechoslovakia in 2009, Syria in 2014, Crimea in 2014, and Putin will invade and capture Russian speaking regions of Ukraine based on the Putin Doctrine which Obama cannot refute. Obama has neither the ability or will to stand up to Putin. Why would the Baltic countries believe Obama can or will help protect them against Putin?

Obama doesn’t want to hurt Putin. He told Medvedev ; “tell president Putin after my election I have more flexibility” which shows his devotion to Putin. Both of Obamas parents and grandparents supported the Soviet Unions Anti-West policies. Obama removed the statue of one of the most courageous anti-Soviet Union fighters of all time, Winston Churchill, from the White House when Obama took over control of America in 2009. With Obama in charge Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia have reason to be afraid of Putin rolling into their countries “to protect the Russian speakers” and Obama, Biden, Kerry will still “be concerned”.

Sadly for us all, President Obama prefers Socialism to Capitalism. His choice of Joe Biden for VP is a fig leaf over Obama’s true loyalty.


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