Here’s a quote from Dinesh D’Sousa: “Obama has an ideology, he wants to make America very different than it is. He would love to see the American era, which began in 1945, come to an end. He doesn’t want America to be the world’s sole superpower,” D’Souza said.

“Now you can’t remake America in two years or four years, maybe not even in eight years, but you sure can do it in 16 years and that’s sort of Obama’s long-term plan.

“He wants to make a baton hand-off to a hand-picked successor so that his project can be completed, if not by 2016, then shortly thereafter.”

Obama, he believes, is “trying to reduce America’s footprint” globally.

“He’s also a redistributionist not just in America but on the global scale. So he wants to redistribute money within America, yes, but he also wants to redistribute money away from America to the rest of the world and America’s debt is part of a way to do this,” D’Souza said.

“A lot of our debt now is owed to foreigners, so when we accumulate this staggering debt, we’re essentially shoveling dollars away from the United States and toward Kuwaitis and Saudis and Chinese and so on.”

He said some people fear Obama was going to become “something of a new Jesse Jackson, kind of the angry black guy with all kinds of racial reparations and affirmative action.

“Obama wasn’t that. So the whole country heaved a huge sigh of relief and said, ‘all right, this is wonderful, we’re getting an African-American president who’s not going to be, if you will, a partisan for black causes.’

“‘He’ll be the president for the whole country.’ What they didn’t realize is that Obama has an even more radical agenda. Now, it’s not a race-based agenda, but it is an agenda of global redistribution and Obama has been able to get away with it with almost no media scrutiny.”

Why has Obama escaped the normal amount of media attention? Because the media favor his re-distributionist schemes.

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