He told Zach Galifianakius that Obamacare costs less than your monthly cell phone bill. That’s wrong. Many people have basic, not smart phones. Of course there are the “Obamaphones”, free phones given out in low income neighborhoods to incline recipients to vote Democrat, which would not be fair to use in a cost comparison of the cost of Obamacare to Americans. In fact the cost of private insurance to seniors has skyrocketed since Obamacare was passed. Their cell phones cost pennies on the dollar compared to the increase in health insurance premiums. The monthly cost of Medicare paid by retired seniors is far more than the cost of their cellphones and in addition they pay a hefty price for the insurance to cover what’s not paid by Medicare.

In addition Medicare makes savage cuts to the Doctor Bills and refuses to pay even 50% of the cost of medical procedures. That’s wrong. In the case of a bill for cataract removal Medicare paid 10% of the cost.

Government cheats on both ends of Health Care Payments but the biggest scam about Obamacare is that it’s about Healthcare. It’s not. The Supreme Court ruled it’s just another Left Wing Tax.

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