For starters, Liberty. Personal Liberty although Liberty and the freedom’s that make it up have been in a nosedive for the past 100 years because of John Dewey and since 1948, most Nations at the U.N.

But the most destructive anti-American force has been, sadly, President Barack Obama. America has often been wrongly described as an Imperialistic Country. That describes President Obama who has an Imperialistic Attitude towards his presidency, “We are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For”. Unfortunately for America, President Obama has moved America further down the road to a dictatorship.

America is about freedom more than any other country because government is set up to serve the people, not the other way round. America is a country with a government, not a government with a country and that’s one of the best qualities of America, that it will have a new President in 2016. Hope it’s not Hillary but it pays to recognize the enemies of America. Be careful here to ascribe Enemies of America to those who want to wrongly change government by removing freedom, not those who physically want to attack the country.

Putin is a real enemy of America because he’s against Liberty. His takeover of the Crimea proves that case. there’s a sham election coming up in Crimea that’s engineered by Putin to grab the Crimea from Ukraine and both Eastern and Southern Ukraine may be next. 

Inside America there is a movement to make America depend on religion as the basis of Individual Rights even though religion was barred from joining government when America was founded.  The religious find the words in the Declaration of Independence – “All men ……. are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights” to prove their case that God is the basis of the idea of Individual Rights. that effectively removes the basis of rights from this earth and takes it into the sky where it’s used to coerce people. The founders were against that. The word “God” is not mentioned once in the founding document, the Constitution. In addition, the word “Creator” can mean not just God but genes, the basis for the attributes of each person. Creator means one who brings something new into existence which applies to every inventor like Edison, Henry Ford and even Oprah who created OWN, the Oprah Winfry Network. Creativity is a human attribute so for those who are comfortable believing God endowed people with Rights they are correct only as far as their belief’s but they have no basis to force their belief about creation on others.

Forcing people is the opposite of America’s idea of the Rule of Law. People on the Left have mistaken the basis of America on Equality which was further based on the so-called “Regulation of Commerce Between the States” which the left distorted into the contradiction that the Federal Government could regulate everything. America was founded on not regulating business and on not regulating individuals but protecting individuals and leaving alone business.    


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