April 25, 2011 Holland, PA

The Republican Committee met last night and invited the Republican Candidates. I admitted there were negative issues associated with my Primary Opponent, incumbent supervisor Deon and that he should cancel his campaign for the good of the party. His transgressions continued as he fibbed about my comment that he supported a Revenge Fee of $10,000 per property for the West End people to connect to the Northampton Sewer System. He expained the assessment was only $1,800. That’s a brazen fib about the $10,000 tapping fee.

The Total Cost per Property that was spent by the Water and Sewer is at least $27,000 but the detail has been purposely hidden by the three supervisors, Deon, Silver and “The Term Limit Glutton Komolasky”, that it needs to be researched and calculated. I did that and when the cost for the plumber to connect the house to the sewer is included the Cost Per Property goes to $30,000 or more. If the homewner is forced to install a grinder pump set-up the cost can exceed $40,000 to flush a toilet into the Northampton Sewer System. That’s 22 times more than the $1,800 fib told by Deon at the Republican Committee meeting. Don’t you agree that Deon should resign?Of course he will not resign so the right thing to do is to vote for me instead of Deon on May 17th.

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