Putin, Kim Jong-un, Castro and now Obama joins the ranks of the Big Dictators.

The NSA spy program; the IRS Target Opponents Programs; Fast and Furious; Recess Appointments; No ID to vote and the Big Kahuna in the room: Obamacare. Then there are the unanswered Benghazi Lies about the videotape; the purposeful misleading of the world at the United Nations, all designed and orchestrated to mislead American Voters on Election day, 2012 went unpunished; his targeting of Fox News Reporter James Rosen attacks on Fox Journalist including reading his personal and his work-related e-mails without notice and without the approval of a judge; are examples of a dictator’s commands, not Rule by Laws. Obama and Eric Holder rule by Command. Those are markers of a dictatorship, into which Obama has gone since his election and re-election. 

Rule by force is the key feature of Obama’s administration. His foreign policy failures are legendary and he still has  only two years and eight months to go because his term is effectively over after the November 2016 election, thirty two months from now. The Obama replacement president begins office in Jan, 2017, not a moment too soon unless the Democratic Party pulls off the impossible stunt of electing Hillary. Her dictatorship will be even worse than President Obama’s.

Is America already a police state with government spying into the private lives of American Citizens much like the SS, the Stazi and the KGB?

Are Obama and America’s governments working against people and groups because of political beliefs? More people are concluding that the government’s within America are working against the people they are supposed to protect. Innocent people and organizations are being penalized by government because of their politics. Those are not the markers of a Free Country.




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