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“Abu-Jamal has been made an honorary citizen of about 25 cities around the world, including Copenhagen, Montreal, Palermo and Paris.[106][110] In 2001, he received the sixth biennial Erich Mühsam Prize, eponymously named after an anarcho-communist essayist, which recognizes activism in line with that of its namesake.[111] In October 2002, he was made an honorary member of the German political organization Society of People Persecuted by the Nazi Regime – Federation of Anti-Fascists (VVN-BdA)[112] which Germany’s Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution has considered to be influenced by left-wing extremism.[113]

On April 29, 2006, a newly paved road in the Parisian suburb of Saint-Denis was named Rue Mumia Abu-Jamal in his honor.[114] In protest of the street-naming, US Congressman Michael Fitzpatrick (R-Pa.) and Senator Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) introduced resolutions in both Houses of Congress condemning the decision.[115][116] The House of Representatives voted 368–31 in favor of Fitzpatrick’s resolution.[117] In December 2006, the 25th anniversary of the murder, the executive committee of the Republican Party for the 59th Ward of the City of Philadelphia—covering approximately Germantown, Philadelphia—filed two criminal complaints in the French legal system against the city of Paris and the city of Saint-Denis, accusing the municipalities of “glorifying” Abu-Jamal and alleging the offense “apology or denial of crime” in respect of their actions.

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“That 1996 courtroom arrest incident involving Ms. Jones resurfaced recently when Republican Party national officials played dirty politics in a suburban Philadelphia congressional race.

GOP officials unleashed a smear campaign against a Democratic challenging incumbent GOP Congressman Michael Fitzpatrick castigating the candidate as “radical” because her lawyer husband helped “cop killer” Abu-Jamal.

That husband represented Veronica Jones during that 1996 proceeding where she recanted her original testimony.

Mr. Fitzpatrick is the congressman who initiated the resolution Congress passed in 2006 condemning the Paris suburb city of St. Denis for naming a street honoring Mr. Abu-Jamal.

The process Congress used to approve Rep. Fitzpatrick’s resolution violated congressional rules triggering a few congressmen, like John Conyers of Detroit, to denounce that process. (Violations of established rules by authorities are a consistent element in the Abu-Jamal case.)

Rep. Fitzpatrick’s current refusal to disavow the GOP smear campaign triggered criticism ironically from former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell who was Philadelphia’s district attorney at the time of Mr. Abu-Jamal’s error filled trial.

Ed Rendell, also a former Philadelphia mayor, said that GOP campaign tactic “stinks.”


Jamal was tried and convicted and loads of appeals never changed that true and correct verdict. Only people who refuse to accept the idea of justice by the American System will refuse to grasp the correct jury verdict. The injustice here is bigger than Jamal, it’s the massive number of people who cannot get this right.

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