Having been branded America’s Appeaser in Chief, President Obama will do everything possible to avoid upsetting President Putin over Ukraine. But Obama might send boots on the ground if it would take pressure off his unsuccessful Obamacare program.

Ukraine has an internal problem with people who are loyal to Russia. Russia was not needed to protect them as Putin alleged. That’s his excuse for invading but he has more excuses than just that.

Motivations of territorial aggression have been part of governments before the discovery of written languages. Putin’s desire to annex land propelled him into Georgia where he annexed South Ossetia. His next annexation will be Southern Ukraine unless America, Europe and/or the United Nations stop him.

Southern Ukraine people speak predominantly Russian and are very loyal to Russia. Northern Ukraine people are against Russia and that’s behind the recent revolution in Kiev but it looks like this is Obama’s Foreign Policy end of the line.

But What world leader will oppose Putin? Certainly not Obama. Certainly not Yellow John Kerry.

As the song goes, A little less conversation, – a little more action -please. A little more bite and a little less bark. A little more fight and a little less spark. Obama can use many tools to blunt Putin’s invasion of the Crimea. One would be to send negotiators right into Kiev, right now but Chicken Obama won’t.


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