It’s not true that: “nobody wants war”. Putin does.

The West can use the “PUTIN DOCTRINE”, which is to invade a country that has an internal crisis “to protect it” or “to protect a certain ethnic sub-culture” in the crisis torn country. The Putin Doctrine is not only used by Putin who used it to annex South Ossetia, it was used by Hitler to annex Czechoslovakia, Austria and Poland.

President Bush didn’t use it to invade Iraq. He used the threat of weapons of mass destruction as the trigger to launch an invasion. The Obama equivalent of the Putin Doctrine would be to invade Venezuela to protect Americans living there. 

The “Protection Racket” as an invasion excuse is not new. Harry Truman used it to invade South Korea but the difference with invasion by America is the stabilization and exit of a country, not it’s annexation. It’s been popular for centuaries as a way to invade a country.

The Putin Doctrine invokes the Rule by Force instead of the Rule of Law. Russia has the façade of democracy, like elections and parliament, but Putin rules Russia, not the people.

Mr. Putin’s invasion of Ukraine’s Crimea region didn’t specify how many troops might be sent. In an article by the Wall Street Journal they reported he said they would be deployed “until the normalization of the social-political situation in the country.”

Putin cited the: “threat to the lives of Russian citizens living in Crimea, as well as the personnel of the Black Sea Fleet” as a reason for his invasion. Putin sent warships to Cuba and Venezuela as warnings to the West and to America that Putin will fight them too if they intervened.

America has a massive military presence in the Eastern Mediterranean. Several battle groups of American warships are there. It’s not as if America told Putin “Hands Off Crimea”. President Obama and the West have announced “Hands off Ukraine” as their united response made thru telephone conversations with Putin by individual European nations as well as by United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon who, the WSJ said, is “gravely concerned about the deterioration of the situation” in Ukraine.” Too bad for the citizens of Ukraine who protested for three months before toppling the government of their country that the initial responses of so many countries is to back off and not retaliate.

There are Russian citizens in Crimea and in Ukraine, a country that has internal socio-political divisions. There’s no known long term solution in Ukraine but an invasion by another nation, Russia, is neither a short or long term solution.

Coming to power in 1933,  Adolf Hitler annexed Austria (1938), Czechoslovakia (1939), Poland (1939), France (1940), Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, and with the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Greece,  Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Finland. Hitler then invaded the Soviet Union and occupied the whole of eastern Europe and large parts of Russia and Ukraine as far east as the Volga (Stalingrad). Putin didn’t invent The Putin Doctrine, he’s merely one of the current dictators to use it to Unilaterally Invade Ukraine as he did successfully in South Ossetia.  



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