How many different sexual orientations exist? One writer, Thomas W. Jacobson, M.A., Representative to the United Nations, Focus on the Family, – postulates it’s 22 according to the American Psychiatric Association. (Here.) The APA is alleged to have dropped homosexuality from their list because of political pressure. In a previous post, August 7th, 2013 it was alleged to be “X”, (unknown) but the number 12 was used as a basis. (Here). That was far too low.

The number 22 includes Sexual Masochism which can present in both males and females but the other 21 almost never present in females. So 22 in males and I more to include the female masochists. That’s 35 total plus 2 hetero’s, -37 different sexual orientations without adding in the strength of the orientation which follows a distribution, a bell shaped curve which would raise the number into probably, millions. The actual number could be identified by measuring, classifying  and counting the results but it would be a huge number.

Another way to identify the number of different sexes based on orientations is to count the population and subtract the number of heterosexuals. The remainder is the number of different same sex orientations which is often estimated to be less than two percent of the population. The population of the earth is about 7.02 billion. Two percent of that is about 140 million gay people but that doesn’t answer the question How many different sexual orientations are there? Why not? Because there are millions of different heterosexual identifications in addition to the 140 million homosexuals..

So the actual number of different sexual orientations is “X” with the actual number being too elusive to identify. OTOH, perhaps it’s four, male, female, other and none.

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