What should President Obama do about Ukraine? Russian President Vlad Putin decided to prepare for an invasion by massing his military on the border. Obama has no such option. America has no borders with Ukraine but America has loads of powerful tools to use to oppose Putin and support Ukraine.

Obama soured relations between Poland and America by withdrawing American Defensive Missiles from Poland.  In 2009, Obama single handedly decided to scrap a missile-defense agreement the Bush Administration negotiated with Poland and the Czech Republic. Poland and Czechoslovakia took huge political risks—including the ire of their former Russian overlords—in order to accommodate the U.S., which wanted the system to defend against a possible Iranian missile attack. Don’t expect either government to follow America’s lead anytime soon.

Russia, Poland and Ukraine are the first, second and third most populous Slavic nations. This can be sorted out to the benefit of all three countries but with Obama involved it will have to be done despite Obama.

“If the Administration approaches us in the future with any request, I would be strongly against it,” Jan Vidim, a conservative Czech lawmaker who voted for the system, told the Associated Press.

So Obama can reverse his wrong decision in 2009 and put the missiles back into Poland and the Czech Republic.

Obama damaged America’s reputation with Germany by spying on  and listening in on Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cellphone. Here’s another chance to repair the damage by working with Chancellor Merkel to rattle some sabre’s in the direction of Vlad Putin.

So what will Obama do? Based on his previous bad attitudes towards Europe, nothing. Zip, Nada. Nought. Zippo. Goose Eggs. No thing. Zero. Not a thing. In fact it would be in character for him to work against Ukraine

Obama has been bad news for America since 2008. He’s been increasing the poverty in America. He’s been working against Europe and Israel since 2008. His bad efforts won’t stop until 2016 when he must step down from the Presidency but then he’ll be like Jimmy Carter who’s been working against America for decades.

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