Rachael’s book, “DRIFT” makes several related points but many of her premises are way off. She accepts the importance of war but demands paying for war be hard, almost punitive so the people know what’s going on. She identifies as a problem the use of intelligence agencies, the CIA, the FBI to actually prosecute war and the use of private contractors, the National Guard, the Reserves and the NSA to do what the military is supposed to do. Those are big revelations that should be reviewed by Congress and the courts.

But Maddow wants the decision to go to war removed from the President. She really twists up the Constitution believing, wrongly, that Congress should decide whether to fight or not. That decision, that power, belongs to the President as Commander in Chief. The Congress has several roles to play and several powers when it comes to wars. Only Congress can declare war. Only Congress can pay for a war. If there’s no money for the military, the military disappears and  the President has no military to  command. That’s the way it is. Sorry Rachael, It’s identified in the Constitution. 

So far as paying for war so that people know it’s going on, Rachael dreamed up that idea on her own. The way to control the military is very simple: government must follow the Constitution.

It’s not up to the people to decide whether or not to fight an enemy. That power was removed from the people and ceded to the President. Same for figuring out how, when, where and why the money should be generated to pay the cost of a war. That power belongs to the House of Representatives to decide and to the Senate to agree. So far as police actions, rapid responses and all of the other ways the military and the President should fight, see the foregoing references to the powers taken from the people and given to the federal government. 

Maddow’s ideas are dangerous to Americans. “DRIFT” is not worth reading. It’s biased, slanted and therefore false. Rachael can think but in the cases she presents she concludes, wrongly, that the military and the President have drifted out of control. She should have done more research and  thought more before stopping at this book. her errors are worse than a lack of knowledge, She has a deep absence of the indulgence to traffic in willful, conscious evil. Her mind is missing some important elements of judgment. She knows better. She is purposely evading the truth. Maddow has some true information but she has very bad moral values. 

She must consider how else can terrorism be fought and defeated?

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