Obama is guilty of causing more havoc in and upon America and it’s by his design. He has been without opposition because of his race, his party and his philosophy which are the elements of Communalism combined with Revenge because of race.

Economically, Obama owns the economy and all of it’s problems like cutting 40 hour work weeks to 29 hours, cancellation of employer paid health insurance and cancelling legislation by refusing to enforce it. The constitution is not an optional document. Constitutionally the president of the United States took an oath to faithfully execute the laws. In opposition to his oath and in opposition to the law and in opposition to the constitution itself, he has simply taken it upon himself to rewrite Obamacare, to rewrite immigration laws, like the DREAMers thing, and he has decided to command people to ignore drug laws.  He is without the legitimate power to simply re-write or ignore the laws. America seems to be at the bottom of the slide into a lawless dictatorship by Obama and his fellow travelers in Washington.  

Ann Couture correctly observed: “…I think he would be impeached if he weren’t America’s first black president.” 

Charles Kroauhammersaid: “When you take over one sixth of the American economy you deserve the blame for everything that goes wrong.” This is not something like political mischief. This is very serious stuff and the President has become the most radical person in America because he is violating the laws and getting away with it.

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