Have Government pay for college. Since the invention of free college for poor people the number of genius or almost genius level people attending the elite colleges has skyrocketed. Smart people are concentrated in a few smart colleges where they get to talk to more smart people. The poor can talk to more people who are less smart, thereby getting what? Smarter? No, dumber.  

Government cannot create dumb and smart people. Nature does that. Government can destroy much easier than it can create. Bureaucracies perpetuate bureaucracies. Capitalism destroys inefficiency ergo Capitalism sorts out the best and rewards it. Bureaucracies attract mediocrities. Bureaucrats reward inefficiency. Bureaucracies grow as their ineffectiveness takes hold. Bureaucracies need government support to reward the worst. That penalizes the best. A bureaucracy is not the opposite of an efficient culture, it is the counterfeiting of it.

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