See her column at: (Here). It’s full of some wonderful correct arguments and conclusions but she’s dead wrong to blame Republicans. She wrote: “But any Republican who supports mass immigration — whether with Marco Rubio’s amnesty bill, or idiotic arguments about “not punishing the children” — has forfeited that claim.” Marco Rubio is neither the problem nor the solution. Liberals  ruined America and they make things less free everyday. The Democrats in the Senate and President Obama have been killing America with their support of bad laws.

America wasn’t founded to be a Democracy. It was a Republic with 13 states and a Federal Government to sort of keep things together. There was not one Federal Statute because the individual states were supposed to make the laws. There was no Federal Enforcement of laws because the individuals states were supposed to enforce their own laws. The FBI didn’t exist. When the FBI was started the agents could not carry a gun.

But the Federation was ruined by the so called Progressives, by the Left Wing of American Politics and the Liberals. That would be mostly the Democrats.

The Democrats want immigrants  who violated the law to become American citizens. They’re wrong to want to do that. It will reward people who snuck into America. Obama already stopped deporting them. He violated his oath, at least the part where he’s supposed to support the Constitution.

It’s not the job of the Republicans to fix illegal immigration. That’s like demanding they fix traffic tickets. It’s the wrong way to act and the Democrats should be drawing fire over their support to reward illegal immigrants.  .



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