If the president really wanted to make sure his actions reflected the diversity of America he would appoint 11 white people for every 2 blacks. But that would be as wrong as appointing anyone because of the amount of melanin in their skin, their gender or how poor they are.

Obama is far more sensitive to race than any other president. He’s a black man and the black race is a minority as well as a target for bigotry. But he should not prefer one race over another and obviously he has. His appointments are over-sensitive to race, to gender and to any other metric which separates people into little boxes. Gay’s here, blacks in this one, whites in another and so he goes merrily harvesting the worst kind of divisiveness in America because the differences he uses are not supposed to be used. His selections are supposed to be as fair as everyone else’s yet he overwhelmingly prefers to appoint using quota’s and to effect the mix of Americans. Instead of fairly appointing on the basis of capability or achievement he uses the irrelevant attributes of skin color or sexual orientation to tip the balance of America into some kind of weird result.

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