Whenever you want to figure out what kind of nutcake philosophic principle is behind the latest fruit-loop Liberal government mandate against your personal life consider this: “They think I’m Stupid”. Progressive Theory uses the stupidity of others as the basis of their lives so they really can’t get the idea that people can think more than good enough to live with far less government. Of course if you’ve been born after WWII you don’t know that nor can you figure it out with all of the distortions you’ve received from the propaganda of the Liberal Mind Trap.

Lib’s really believe you are stupid so government needs to take care of you.  The president’s more intellectually honest defenders have said exactly that. “Vast swathes of policy are based on the correct presumption that people don’t know what’s best for them. Nothing new,” tweeted Josh Barro, politics editor for Business Insider.

Liberals get all sweaty from their orgasmic release after telling people how to run their lives. For them it’s one of the really fun perks of working for government. Look at the frustration in Obama’s face because: “the common folks” refuse to understand. He routinely lies because he believes his lies to the people were necessary for their own good. The man is so far off the reservation because he has none of the necessary American Values in his psyche after being fathered by a scoundrel who hated America. Barry was raised by four America Haters. His mom, her parents and Frank Marshall Davis. His value system hates whites.  

Obama feels superior to Americans and Europeans. That came from his father who fought for independence from Britain which he blamed, not on the Arabs who captured Kenyans for slaves but on Britain. But Britain fought to free slaves. Never mind said his father, the British are white and whites are our problem. So Barack’s father fought the English and Barack received such a distorted message and was instilled with such hatred against Winston Churchill that Barack removed the small statue of Churchill from the White House ASAP. The British had fought the Omani Arabs and stopped the slave trade in the Indian Ocean including of course in Kenya but Obama still, mistakenly, hates the British.

The basis of the ineffective Welfare State is the belief of the rulers of America is their conclusion that people, – except for themselves, are too stupid to take care of themselves. Look how it’s turned out. Businesses than can are moving out of or have already left America because of the high cost in time and money to comply with government regulations. Millions of jobs have been lost to America to backwater cultures that know it’s better for people when they can work for a living. Yet Obama and his thieves now control American Medicine which will shorten the lives of Americans. Proof? Look at the Federal Department of Education which has been so spectacular in it’s failures that American’s know less math, science and literature than 41 other countries, some as small as 3 million people. With the failure of the government in education which is far simplier than medicine, the looming failure of medicine with it’s earlier and earlier death rates will prove to Liberals that people are too stupid to keep themselves alive so government will have to control the food supply next.

Government programs have decreased the marriage rate, increased the birth rate of poor children, made it more profitable for women to get pregnant and for fathers to live elsewhere than with their children and decreased the high school graduation rate. All those outcomes guarantee more poor people. If government wanted to cure poverty it would make it easier to live in a culture without interference but government workers are not stupid. They made thei jobs more secure by continuing to make it smarter to be on welfare than to work. Obama has become a pin-up boy for dysfunctional government.

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