President Obama’s evasions were so obvious that even the most biased supporters should know he’s lying. From his incredible: “If you like your plan you can keep your plan” to his blaming his mistakes on FOX NEWS for reporting about his massive mistakes, the President has been failing, fading and falling further behind in his believability. He’s a neutered lame duck President. His credibility has disappeared.

A gifted orator he created a successful career organizing black communities to agitate government for more benefits. Most people instinctively like him.  But over time his inner nature couldn’t be kept in the closet. He tried to smooze Bill O’Reilly and failed.

One viewer question was: “why do you want to transform America when it gave you so much?” He denied that he wanted to transform America but O’Reilly said: “those are your words”.

When Obama tried to deny his own words he lost loads of credibility. If you object to the idea that Obama is and empty suit, it may be because you think he’s full of it.

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