What happened to the Tea Party? There’s still a sort of core group in many places including Bucks County. There are three or four national groups as well as a few more groups who were around before the Tea Party protests and are still in the mix but the Tea Party idea is over.

Politics did in the Tea Parties. Politics is the end result of many things like ideologies, values, organizations, money, & protestors but the Tea Party Movement and the initial protestors never got traction in politics.

Rush Limbaugh was around long before the Tea Party idea emerged. He’s still going, stronger than ever. Not the Tea Party. After six or seven years, it’s gone. Oh well.

To succeed in Politics, look at the two parties. Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats have much time for protestors. Their organizations are firmly in control. They kept the Tea Parties out. There is not a single tea Party candidate in Bucks County. The Democrats still control the Democratic townships and the Republicans control the rest. Only one man from the Tea Parties of Bucks made it into public office but he didn’t run as a Tea Party candidate. The Tea Parties didn’t support him. Out of several hundred elected offices in Bucks, one.

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