Lies are what President Obama is about. You should be upset with his lies because from now on you can’t believe him. He lied on the Bill O’Reilly Interviews on Feb 2 and 3. He lied about you being able to keep your doctor. Lied about you keeping your health insurance policy, lied that everyone’s health insurance will be lower in cost, lied to Joe the plumber and to Darnell Summers, a fry cook who told present Obama that his hours were cut due to the affordable care act aka Obamacare. Obama said nothing to Summers about his lower hours. That’s called a lie by omission. Instead Obama told Summers he was urging the states to increase the minimum wage. That’s yet another lie. Summers didn’t ask about the minimum wage. He told Obama his hours were cut to part time so his employer could avoid paying health insurance. Obama knew all that yet he lied when he didn’t answer Summers questions or comment on Summers statements. In logic Obama used the lie of changing the subject. In Latin it’s ignoration elenchi.

The president seems as though he finds the truth hurtful but lies are worse than that. The first President, George Washington was reputed to be unable to tell a lie. Too bad that historic fact is lost on Obama. His words shine like silver and the silver covers up lies. Woe to America.

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