“Stalin’s Little Songbird”, Pete Seeger helped Stalin, Mao, Castro, PolPot and the other historic communist, Lenist, Marxist Progressive Social Democrats murder over 125 million real people. It’s a dangerous and direct connection between Communist Pete Seeger, Frank Marshall Davis and Barack Obama.

Lionized by Hollywood, by the leftist media, the Academy, government workers, environmentalists, anarchists, radicals, progressives, liberals, socialists, Pelosi and Reid, among a great many others both the words of Obama and the songe of Seeger’s help whitewash the most vicious murdering set of ideas in history, the idea’s of Karl Marx, of the USSR, of Communism, but not the founding ideas of the USA, which should be the purpose of government. The Left needs to stop condemning Communist Hunter Extraordinare American Senator Joe McCarthy and stop supporting Marx, Stalin, Castro and Mao, Red Flag Communism, and the forcible rule of society with his Communist Folk Singing Group,  “The Almanacs”.

Seeger was an enemy of Humanity. He was a great enemy of America, the only country founded on the moral principal s of Individuals Rights, that government must protect the individual, not the community, over the person. He wrote and sang propaganda songs for the notorious American Peace Mobilization, which Congress identified as “one of the most seditious organizations which ever operated in the United States” and “one of the most notorious and blatantly communist fronts ever organized.” (Here).

Pete Seeger died a hero of the Left, yet when it came to standing up to and speaking out against some of the 20th centuries greatest tyrants and genocidal murders –Hitler, Mao, Mussolini, Franco, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh, Lenin and especially Stalin (whose Soviet Union Seeger repeatedly visited in 1964, 1967, 1981 and North Korea in 1972): socialist, communist and Marxist mass murders, – all old Songbird Seeger had for them is exalting songs of praise heaped upon these despots. Stalin’s obedient little minstrel … Pete Seeger.

In a 2012 essay titled, “The Communist singer who gave America Obama,” Ellis Washington referenced Dr. Paul Kengor’s notable book, “The Communist,” about the life of Barack Obama’s surrogate father (who some like filmmaker Joel Gilbert calls Obama’s “real father”), Frank Marshall Davis (1905-87). In the book “Dupes”, Dr. Paul Kengor published the declassified Soviet Comintern document detailing how the American Peace Mobilization “was organized on the initiative of our Party in Chicago in September, 1940.” (Obama’s mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, was there.) – Kengor refers to Seeger and fellow communist Paul Robeson as “Potemkin Progressives” who, like many famous American progressives during the 1920s-60s, had severe misunderstandings of things Soviet and Stalin, and effectively used their public notoriety to increase and transmit their misinformation to the public on a grand, diabolical scale. (Here).

Seeger hated the success of America. He sarcastically sang against America and Americans in for example “Little Houses” in which he ridiculed Americans for figuring out how a single family could live in a home unattached to the rest of the block.

Americans should be furious at people like Seeger who kill from the shadows. Communism along with Nazism killed over 125 million in the 20th century. (Here). the Black Book of Communism, The Venona Transcripts, the Soviet Gulag and the Riots In Ukraine all show the murderous nature of Marx, Mao Seeger and the American Left who were part of every one of those murders because Seeger praised the murderers. Spit on his execrable memory and his grave. In fact he’s such a small man that he’s undeserving of spit. Ignore him.


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