….was about the backstory about values, Scarlett Johansson and Israel. The commercial was about Soda Stream, a soda making product for the home which is made in the West Bank of Israel. Johansson ran into the global conflict between Israel and Palestine and came out in support of all that is good in the world. That would be Israel. Johansson was a spokswoman for Oxfam.

Oxfam is a Palestine supporting agency which seeks to eliminate poverty by intimidating businesses to give away profits to the people favored by Oxfam. Oxfam is against Israel’s West Bank and the Jewish homes and businesses located there. Israel won the West Bank in a war. Oxfam want’s Israel to return the West Bank to the Palestinians who never won anything in the Six Day War. Oxfam would not allow Johansson, an America who self-identifies as Jewish, to do the Soda Stream Commercial. Oxfam grounds it’s idea in the designation of the West Bank as land illegally obtained by Israel. Israel captured the West Bank during the Six Day War against Egypt, Syria and Jordan. Israel won the war and earned the hostility of the anti-Semitic world. America agrees with Israel. So does Scarlett Johansson. She quit Oxfam.

Johansson’s actions took loads of courage and should be applauded by every clear thinking person. If you disagree, think about the principle that captured land belongs to the victor in a war. Or do you think America should be returned to England?  

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