Nut’s to Michelle’s mis-guided but probably well-intentioned efforts to work with SUBWAY, a sandwich restaurant chain with it’s programs that will, unfortunately, get kids out of SUBWAY restaurants. SUBWAY will offer kids sandwiches without meat, chicken, fish or beef and an apple for desert. Broccoli and cauliflower are turn-off on a menu. Green looks good on lawns but not on a menu. SUBWAY should know better. There are plenty of places where kids and parents can eat sandwiches and be healthy like:



My personal favorite is Durham Deli on Durham road in Bristol. The Philly Area is blanketed by superb restaurants and steak sandwich shops like: Pat’s King of Steaks, Geno’s, Jim’s, Tony Lukes, Shanks, Campo’s, Dalessandro’s, Ricks, Cosmi’s, Abners,  Lazaro’s, Gooey Louie;s, Jean’s, McNally’s and a hundred other Steak Shops that are far better than a grass colored hoagie. HOAGIE? Michelle will be converted if she gives up her fascination with vegtables and gets to Philly or its environs and tries a Hoagie or a Zep. There’s much more to life than punishment to the digestive system.  

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